A Brand New World

The story so far

What Have We Wrought?

The story so far…:
Valravn, Arianne, and Amarille travelled seperately to a small hamlet deep in the forest, though outside elven lands. Meeting for the first time in a small bar-truly more a brewery with a table-they each have their own reasons for their travels. Valravn- to learn more about fighting, and to find the man who beat him so badly. Arianne- on a sort of quest, with a lot of questions, and an order to find a shaman in the City of The Groves. Amarille- Disguised as a woman, and fleeing from his past and his troubles, looking for a reason to keep going.Shortly after their arrival, a group of men is sighted down the path. They are reported as being armed and armored, and carrying torches. The bar’s owner-a giant of a man-, named Listar, asks them to help send the warriors on their way, while the small community evacuates. Valravn ambushes the enemy on the road, and reports back with their numbers; nearly 150 strong, while this hamlet has only a few dozen inhabitants. As the village evacuates, the men arrive. The heroes band together and fight hard, holding the enemy off long enough for the villagers to get away. The leader, enraged, uses some form of mystical attack, but is mightily smote by Valravn with his guisarme. As the heroes relish their victory, the man’s amulet begins to flash, his body disappears, and the amulet explodes. A small sphere of pure iron is found by Amarille in the aftermath, and he gives it to Valravn.
Listar asks that the heroes help him find a new home for the village, so they travel north, to a city called Forest Bastion.For the first time, Valravn and Arianne see cultivated fields, and Valravn suffers from a fear; he had never before seen a place without trees blocking the sky. Overcoming their shock and trepidation, they travel onward and arrive at the city. Once there, The heroes and Listar enter the walls to seek a place for the villagers. Arriving in the city’s inn, they meet a bewildering variety of characters, and (except for Amarille), are shocked at the crowds and the smells. After a day or so, they are told that they can earn a place for the villagers by protecting a caravan shipping vital supplies to an outlying village. After some negotiation, the three heroes agree, while listar stays behind to guard the villagers. Upon meeting the caravan, Valravn takes an immediate dislike to a sylvan elf who accompanies them. All 3 are eventually united in dislike of hte elf, but valravn appears to be even more so. Along the way, the caravan is assaulted by bandits. Valravn finds that his spear has been replaced by another one, apparently magical. Though they are quickly beaten off, Amarille’s attempt to kill the raiders made helpless by Arianne’s spell, results in a nearly murderous duel between the two heroes.
Returning to the inn, Listar is overjoyed at the news that they succeeded and immediatly leaves to tell the villagers. Moments later, a face that is quite familiar to Valravn makes an entrance. Cirrus, his best friend, has arrived. Briefly telling them something of his travels, he then warns them that an attack is coming. Immediately, the inn comes under attack. In the ensuing fight, Arianne is wounded by Valravn’s arrow, and the fight spills into the street. The running battle all over the city leads them to the gates, where Listar is found. The man is pinned to the wall with two halves of a broken sword- one through each arm. They are forced to let the enemy escape in order to save Listar. Valravn notices that he has begun hearing whispers at the edge of consciousness…



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