A Brand New World

The Prologue

What Have We Wrought?

Valravn: Wild Elf. From the tribe of the bear catchers. A fierce warrior from the deep, primeval, forests of the southern reaches of the world; Valravn is the son of the tribal chief. He is utterly loyal to his tribe, though not necessarily to his father. He is seeking a warrior that beat him badly to defeat him, and reclaim what he feels he lost…
Arianne: Human. From the tribe of wanderers that roams the south. A spirit shaman, and therefore an important member of her people; Arianne was seperated from them on quest. She does not now know whether they are alive, as the last she saw of he caravan was scattered wreckage and corpses. She is searching for the meaning to the new beings called gods, and to find answers to what has happened to the world…
Amarille Lisandai: Moon elf. Hailing from the City of The Groves. A deeply scarred young man, barely into physical adulthood; Amarille suffers from the belief that his birth caused the death of his mother. His father, a ranger of great reknown, has vanished- and his elder sister has taken over the family. His brother was last seen as a priest of the new gods; and Amarille has sunken deeper into his protective personality, on his journey to find answers as to the forces moving in the world…



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